Walls can be insulated with blanket/segmented, loose fill, or board insulation, or with an outside insulation finish machine (EIFS) – but the desire will rely upon the construction gadget used.

Insulation alternatives have to be taken into consideration along other passive layout functions. specially, insulating the substances on a constructing’s interior method they can not provide thermal mass.


Blanket or mat (segmented) insulation is to be had in glasswool (fibreglass), wool, polyester, wool/polyester blend, and mineral wool.

unfastened fill insulation is to be had in mineral wool, macerated paper and wool.

inflexible board insulation is made the usage of polystyrene. EIFS structures generally use polystyrene board attached to the exterior wall and blanketed with a layer of reinforcing and a coloured coating.

There are two options for installing exterior wall insulation:

Insulating between wall studs

Blanket or mat insulation, or rigid polystyrene forums, can be established between wall studs.

So that it will acquire the required R-cost, the wall may additionally require deeper framing. for example, R4.zero insulation may be used in one hundred forty mm framing, whereas R2.8 insulation is the highest conceivable not unusual insulation material that can be used with 90 mm framing. An opportunity production method such as double stud creation may also be used.

EIFS system

An EIFS gadget may be mounted outdoor the framing.

underneath E2/AS1, all EIFS cladding need to be constant over a drained and vented cavity. this may reduce the insulation price supplied by means of the EIFS by about forty%, so insulation may also be required within the wall framing.

Reduce the amount of timber used by:

  • designing to maximise the green use of materials, for example, use simple shapes and volumes, and compact, modular designs
  • in which viable, use deeper studs and putting stud spacings at 600 mm
  • the usage of two-stud in preference to three-stud corners to lessen framing at corners
  • the use of ladder blockading in which interior partitions intersect exterior walls
  • locating doorways and windows consistent with installed framing
  • sizing windows to healthy within stud spacings where viable.

Insulating steel frame walls

Set up insulation for steel-framed outside partitions as for wooden-framed walls, but a thermal destroy need to be hooked up on the outside face of the framing.

The thermal spoil must include a 20 mm thick period of polystyrene, timber or comparable inflexible insulating material earlier than the cladding is hooked up to reduce the thermal bridging effect at the steel framing locations.

For more information about wall insulation visit: saferinsulation.co.nz